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ASPEX "Name That Sample" Contest

A bit of fun from the folks at ASPEX. They make small scale SEMs and have recently been running a "Send us your sample" promotion where potential customers send in samples and get a free image taken using one of the ASPEX microscopes.


"Starting this week, ASPEX is running a "Name That Sample" contest. We have posted a couple of desktop SEM scans of an object and we're looking for people to guess what object was scanned. The first person to leave a comment with the correct answer will win a 1GB ASPEX USB stick. This week's contest will end Friday at 11:59PM EST, so get your guesses in by then! The winner will be notified by email.

There will be more mystery samples to come and prizes to be won if you miss this week's deadline."

Sounds like a bit of fun to me on the day before Thanksgiving...

Something Fun!

The ASU-Ask A Biologist program is putting on an "Ugly Bug" contest. Go to their website and vote for the ugliest bug.

All of the images appear to be colorized SEM images.

Great way to get the kiddos into science that won't take longer than 5 minutes!

FEI sells off SEM line

According to, FEI Co., manufacturer of electron microscopes, has sold it's desktop SEM line to Phenom-World, a subsidiary of NTS Group B.V. (NTS) of Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The desktop SEM has recently become a new tool available to users of SEM who don't need a high-end research level instrument. If all that is required is relatively low magnification imaging and you don't have time for a learning curve a desktop SEM is the way to go.

The article also made mention of the recent financial health of FEI Co, which is good news.

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