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SEM proves its worth in mining

News release from Constantine Metal Resources speaks about MLA (mineral liberation analysis) done with an SEM that provided detailed mineralogical identification, grain size, copper, zinc and lead distribution within mineral phases and the proportion of locked and liberated grains of ore minerals.

This kind of analysis is extremely useful in exploration geology. It allows a company to add information to the usual bulk assay analysis they are likely doing in parallel. It is critical to know what minerals the metals to be extracted are present in. But it is also critical to know how big the mineral grains are and how they are mixed with other minerals in the ore rock. These last two pieces of information dictate how the ore rock is processed (or if it is practical to process it at all) to extract the metals.

The MLA information coupled with bulk assay data have a major impact on determining whether or not an ore body is economical to mine.

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