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SEM of Food

Food is one of those things that everyone needs, but no one really thinks about what it looks like at the microscale, well, except for the food scientists at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. They have a photo gallery with awesome SEM images of various kinds of food and food ingredients. I found it through a recent Laboratory Equipment article.

The images are all colorized SEM micrographs and show the amazing detail that is present in the structure of the things we eat. This structure can make or break how appetizing a given food is to us, so food scientists spend a lot of effort getting these textures just right.


Go here to play the ASPEX "Name that sample" game for a chance to win a netbook laptop!

Aspex has had a couple of rounds of this game over the past few months (see previous posts) and has a new set of images up but this time with a more significant prize for the first person to guess. In addition to bragging rights, you could have a free netbook! Oh, and since there's no scale in any of the images it'll be a piece of cake to figure out what this mystery object is!

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