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Best Science Pictures Announced

The NSF and Science have an anual award for the best science photographs. The winner this year is a pretty impressive SEM image!

Thumbnail image for 025894_600x450.jpg

Read more about it here

Microscopy series in Nature

Nature just published a News Feature on microscopy. Several stories, mostly on light microscopy in life sciences, but still interesting reading. Go here for some light reading...

Some Recent Microscopy News

Lemon Filled Odorless Socks? Noting really related to microscopy, but some cool SEM images and it is just an interesting solution to the age old problem of stinky socks.

Nano-coated bullets could help solve gun crimes. Hopefully this technology will help minimize some of the uncertainties associated with gunshot residue (GSR) analysis.

Super Resolution X-ray Microscope. This looks very interesting for anyone studying nanomaterials. It looks like it will have the same power as a HRTEM but sounds like it is a bit more user friendly. Will be interesting to see if it is commercialized and for how much $$$.

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