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Hitachii FE-SEM updates

Hitachii High-Technologies announced today that it is updating it's family of high resolution FE-SEM instruments, the SU8000 family. Their FE-SEMs are best in class in terms of resolution and they offer several detector configurations and stage/sample chamber options. The release also gives interesting tidbits on how many of these microscopes are already installed and their projected sales figures for the updated line.

Here's what they had to say in their press release.

Flickr: FEI Company's Photostream

FEI, manufacturer of scanning electron microscopes, has an awesome photostream on Flickr. Browse this enormous stockpile of images for beautiful and interesting images of a wide range of samples. Only drawback: not everyone can submit images, you have to be an FEI user.

FEI also has a very active Facebook page

Best Science Pictures Announced

The NSF and Science have an anual award for the best science photographs. The winner this year is a pretty impressive SEM image!

Thumbnail image for 025894_600x450.jpg

Read more about it here

FEI sells off SEM line

According to, FEI Co., manufacturer of electron microscopes, has sold it's desktop SEM line to Phenom-World, a subsidiary of NTS Group B.V. (NTS) of Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The desktop SEM has recently become a new tool available to users of SEM who don't need a high-end research level instrument. If all that is required is relatively low magnification imaging and you don't have time for a learning curve a desktop SEM is the way to go.

The article also made mention of the recent financial health of FEI Co, which is good news.

JEOL ClairScope

As a followup on what was presented at M&M this summer, JEOL is formally introducing their correlative SEM/LM tool the ClairScope(TM). JASM-6200.1.jpg

The press release is here.

The product sheet is also available here

I haven't seen or heard of a similar SEM arrangement and it looks interesting. I'm not a biologist so this is maybe a silly question, but knowing how the SEM side of the instrument is going to work, how do you keep cells alive while introducing stains to increase the BSE contrast? Also, what is the cost of the sample dishes (and are they reusable) since they provide only a 0.25 mm2 SEM observable area. I'd be happy to hear from anyone who knows more about these instruments since I don't have a lot of details at this point.

Atomic resolution

Not sure if this really qualifies as SEM news, but Brookhaven National Lab, along with Hitachii have developed a Scanning microscope (technically a scanning transmission electron microscope, or STEM) capable of atomic resolution.


While the terms "gunshot residue" and "fully automated" should, in my opinion, never be uttered in the same sentence, FEI has a product available to do just that.

Learn a bit more about it here or here.

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