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ASPEX "Name That Sample" Contest - Week 6!

It's time again for the latest installment of the ASPEX "Name That Sample" contest! They have an image of some random thing collected with one of their PSEM instruments

The week 5 image was tough, fly ash isn't something the average Joe (or Jane) would think of, or even know about, but it is an interesting material. This week's image looks just as tough, could be almost anything, but at least they put a scale marker on this image!

Good Luck!

2010 Image Contest : FEI Company

I'm sure the owners of FEI instruments will be doing their best to create amazing images and show how their images are superior to the Zeiss users.

Carl Zeiss Nano Image Contest 2010

If anyone has time for some summer fun, and if you have a Zeiss electron or ion microscope handy, you could enter your work in their Nano Image Contest! I'm looking forward to seeing what amazing images come out of the contest.

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