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Rebooting, Part II

Rebooting is usually an isolated technological event: a system shuts down and is rebooted by an individual. I have learned over the last few weeks, however, that “rebooting" is not an individual experience but a community one. To really get a system “up and running," we need a network of individuals to build a community of support around the “system" to help provide “technological" advice on rebooting. Think about it: If we simply reboot as individuals without consulting others in the community, the “computer issue" will likely rear its ugly head at another given time since it hasn’t been properly attended to. Thus, by individually “rebooting" as an isolated system, we are only putting a “band-aid" on the technological issue.

Those who have assisted this particular “system" in the rebooting process know who they are. I am grateful for my “tech" support over the past few weeks of questioning the “system."

You laugh, make me laugh.
You listen, make me listen.
You ask, make me ask.
You guide, make me guide.
You give, make me give.

Thank you, all.