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Tribosphere 4

We just heard some very sad news this morning that Shadow, one of the four cats in the tribe we cared for this past spring/summer, has been missing since Wednesday. We all want to help look for him and yet he is thousands of miles away. My daughter is still strongly attached to the tribe. Each night before bed, she includes them in her "sweet thoughts." She made a paper cell phone about one month ago and receives regular "cell phone" messages from all four of them - Pookie, Shadow, Sadie, and McKenzie.

About two weeks ago, she declared Election Day as "National Cat Day" - in honor of President Pookie. For Halloween this year, she decided she wants to be Pookie (so I am busy trying to convert an old grey Heffalump costume that her auntie made her into a cat costume). Although she was probably most attached to Sadie and Pookie, interestingly enough, Shadow "called" her most frequently on her "cell phone." In an odd way, I suppose they became part of our "family." We all hope Shadow has a safe return home. I, for one, have a special place in my heart for him. In short, it appears the Tribosphere is still very much a part of us - and we a part of it.