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The Hype About Skype

It has taken Skype to get me to write another blog entry after several dormant weeks. Since hearing about Skype from my un-official co-advisor/mentor last summer, I have thought about downloading it yet never managed to do it. Yesterday, however, I was at a good friend’s house -- she was using Windows Live Messenger (WLM) to make some video calls. Inspired by my friend, I finally decided to download Skype (WLM is already on my Mac – as well as a built-in camera). We received our first Skype call and talked with my husband’s family. What a blast! I wasn't sure I would like it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to connecting with others via Skype or WLM. It also provided a nice diversion from my work. I finally get all the hype about Skype (and WLM). What’s next? Facebook? Twitter? I’ve been resistant to both, but who knows what the next diversion will bring.