November 26, 2008

Wanted: Missing Data


I haven’t written in some time because I’ve spent the past few months in a little bungalow on Missing Data Lane. When this project started, I was only vaguely acquainted with Missing Data (M.D.), but now we are practically BFF’s. Being more of an introvert, I hadn’t sought M.D. out. Over the past few months, however, we have become well acquainted. One night, I woke up and remembered a dream I had about M.D.’s second cousin, once removed. M.D.'s cousin, R, who dummy codes information in a matrix. Anyway, M.D. has recently disappeared and I have been thinking about posting “wanted" signs to relocate M.D. To help facilitate M.D.’s safe return home, I thought about posting M.D.’s image on milk cartons, with a brief description of M.D. and M.D.’s last known whereabouts. I’m just distraught over M.D.’s recent disappearance and hope M.D. resurfaces before the end of the month.