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Making better use of U Voicemail

Ever get a voice mail while you've been out of the office for a few days, and wish you would have known about it before your return? You can! The University's voice mail system allows you to setup a notification to be sent to your email address or text your phone when someone leaves you a message on your University voice mail. You can also have the entire voice mail message sent to your email account.

You can manage your voice mailbox through

To setup notification follow the procedure below:
Login to
Click 'Options' from the left menu and then 'Voicemail'
Click 'MWN By Text Page' and then 'Edit'

Now you can choose when you would like to be notified and how. You can enter any email address. Commonly, you'll enter your University email address or the email address to send a text message to your mobile phone.

For example, to send a text to an AT&T phone (formally Cingular) you can send an email to your full phone number including area code (eg. Each carrier is different, so you'll need to contact your carrier to determine this email address.

Enter your email address in the 'Notification Email Addresses' and set the options you would like, and click 'Update'. Now, whenever you receive a voicemail you should receive a text message indicating a message was left and the dialing number.

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