Peer Pressure

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I was surfing the web and decided to check out the website to see if there was any interesting news. The title peer pressure? It's hardwired into our brains jumped out at me. I looked up the full article on googlescholar and decided to share the information with everyone else.

The specific interest in mind for the study was to investigate how individuals assess the outcome of their decision in private versus social setting and whether depending on the setting, evaluations of outcomes of risky choices influence later decisions. They hypothesized that in a social environment the participant will be more risky in their decision than in a private setting.Brain activity was determined (using a combination of functional MRI and skin conductance recordings) while participants chose between 2 lotteries. In a private setting the outcome of the unchosen lottery was observed and in a social setting the outcome of a lottery chosen by another person was observed.
The medial prefrontal cortex(associated with social reasoning) had larger activity, during the choice phase, in individuals in a social setting rather than private. Analysis of brain activity and behavior showed that brain activity during choice phase is influenced by outcome-related striatum(associated with rewards) activity and past outcomes in social settings affects later behavior. The results showed that the decision process in a social setting(under peer pressure) is influenced by the interaction of the reward and social reasoning networks and that in a social setting participants engaged in more risky and competitive behavior.

There were many parts of this paper that I didn't understand (even after reading numerous times), and I cant get the MRI photos or any other charts/graphs to show up. So for more understanding on the article I suggesting clicking on the link below.

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