Craving Circuit

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I have been doing some interesting reading on the craving circuit and how further experiments can lead to the understanding of drug addictions and relapses. So far my reading is limited on the subject but I find it really neat. Recent studies are pointing to the fact that cravings can activate parts of the cerebral cortex and limbic system which is involved in emotion. TMS(transcranial magnetic stimulation) techniques are starting to be used to either stimulate or depress brain activity and that stimulation can increase the cravings for things such as cigarettes. There was no report that reduced stimulation can decrease craving, but knowing the parts of the brain that lead to the craving can be helpful in future studies. The future studies could be used as a way to help drug addicts from slipping into a relapse. TMS treatment for cigarette addiction will help pave the way for future research of the craving circuit.

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I really hope these studies to help the drug addicts to pass through their treatment easier. It will be a great progress indeed.

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