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A few days ago, I read a very interesting paper on mirror neurons and watched a youtube video barbie doll illusion. After watching the video and reading the article I was intrigued as to how we seem to copy the other people during a virtual simulation. The article was about mirror neurons. Mirror neurons are neurons that fire when we act and when the same act is observed by another. The article focus on how these mirror neurons acted when a person under virtual stimulation was placed in different social events. When the subject was simply observing the act of others throwing a ball there was little "neuron fire" as to say, but when the subject was watching the people throw a ball and randomly had the ball thrown towards their screen(as if they were participating) there were firing of the neurons. This study provided that there is social relevance when considering the mirror neuron system. It also helps provided a link between the social complex observations such as empathy. I thought this article was very interesting and the first thing that came to find was monkey see money do. Except in this case were talking about neurons.


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