Coaching Philosophy

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The three words that would describe my coaching philosophy are Hard-work, dedication, and perseverance. I believe that it is important for the players and coaches to work as hard as they can when they come to practice and play in the game. It is also very important for athletes to stay dedicated to the sport and persevere through the hard times. If you work hard good things will most likely come your way. You can never not hustle enough. I believe that it is important to build team chemistry with your teammates while at the same time pushing each other to get better every day of practice which will carry into the games. When you step between the lines whether it is in practice or the game, you are there to have fun but give 100%. There's no reason when you are practicing or playing you should take a play off or a drill off. Lack of dedication will get you no where and it is important to work hard in everything you do, on and off the field.

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