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Analysis- Spring brings perils: Kids falling from open windows
by Andrew Beck

There is a clear indication as to why this story was being written now with the timeliness of the child falling and the beginning of Spring weather.

The author basically states what happened in the recent event, goes through a timeline of other similar recent events and then sources some basic safety information. Its easy to read but it is kind of boring.

There are not many sources for this story. It would be nice to have had at least one of the families mentioned give a quote. A window company or lawmaker would have been a good source to see if there has been any new innovations to curb the situation.The only sources that he includes are from the police reports, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and a Minnesota law.

Additionally, the article makes use of a lot of stats but there is no comparable data to really understand if this is a Minnesota problem, national problem, or not even a problem.

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