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National News Analysis

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More hand sanitizer drinking cases reported in dangerous trend- Los Angelos Times
Andrew Beck

This is an interesting article. There are several things that I wish that would have focused on though. For instance, takes the angle about how this a really serious issue towards teens with their opening sentence and additional statistics. However, the statistics show that there were 36:1 cases involving small children from 0 to 5 years old. This seems like it would be a bigger issue and the angle could be why are companies or parents doing anything with the bottles to stop little kids from drinking this.
Also, there are many other household chemicals that contain alcohol but there is no mention to whether this is more prevalent than any of those products.
Lastly, comments by a teen that has done this activity would be insightful. Understanding why a teen would do this would be important information for this articles. A quote from a doctor or some facts on the the effects of doing this would also be helpful. All the article says is that is can cause alcohol poisoning but a lot of things could do that. There are many people who may not no what the effects of alcohol poisoning are and may not think that this is such a big deal.

Local News Analysis

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Analysis: 215 Minnesota National Guard soldiers return to state following service in Iraq
Andrew Beck

This was a rather short article for the type of story that it was covering. This was a rather large group of soldiers that is returning and not much information is given. It doesn't say where in Iraq they were based, how long they were there for, or how long they expect to stay in Minnesota.

Additionally, a quote from either someone in the military or a family member would have been nice to have in the article. Lots of people care about this topic and more personal emotions would be helpful.

It seems like this article was quickly written because it could have included several more pieces of information like if the specific group had one any medals or performed any known missions.

International News Entry

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Paris building collapse kills child, 6, in Pierrefitte - BBC
Analysed by Andrew Beck

The article uses passive voice when describing the situation. This could have been avoided to make the article more direct. Additionally, there are no quotes from anyone that was there. It only includes a small statement from the governor of the region. It would have nice to include some more information about the church and area where the church was at to give a little background information.

National News Analysis

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Analysis: 1.5 million card numbers at risk from hack
By Andrew Beck

This article is about the recent data hacking of a processing firm that possibly compromised 1.5 million credit card numbers.

The timeliness of the article is a point of concern as the source claims that the actual event took place a month ago but is only now being covered. It is an extremely important story and it would be important to at least notify the public.

Also, this story deals with very large numbers so it would have been helpful to have more comprehensible comparisons. Using millions and billions is difficult to exactly picture.

There is no mention to who is responsible for the breach or how the incident is being investigated. It only states that the companies are monitoring the situation, which could mean any number of things, and the U.S. Secret Service will also investigate.

It would have been nice to have another company similar to Global Payments make a statement to show how they are protecting customers information from a similar situation.

A comparison to a previous similar incident was helpful in understanding the magnitude and the eventual fallout that can occur. It would be nice to know who is at the highest risk for having been compromised though.

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