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Analysis: 1.5 million card numbers at risk from hack
By Andrew Beck

This article is about the recent data hacking of a processing firm that possibly compromised 1.5 million credit card numbers.

The timeliness of the article is a point of concern as the source claims that the actual event took place a month ago but is only now being covered. It is an extremely important story and it would be important to at least notify the public.

Also, this story deals with very large numbers so it would have been helpful to have more comprehensible comparisons. Using millions and billions is difficult to exactly picture.

There is no mention to who is responsible for the breach or how the incident is being investigated. It only states that the companies are monitoring the situation, which could mean any number of things, and the U.S. Secret Service will also investigate.

It would have been nice to have another company similar to Global Payments make a statement to show how they are protecting customers information from a similar situation.

A comparison to a previous similar incident was helpful in understanding the magnitude and the eventual fallout that can occur. It would be nice to know who is at the highest risk for having been compromised though.

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