Weekly Photos 1

We were supposed to pick three images that we felt described ourselves right now.

The first image I chose was one of my section leader back in high school. I chose to use this as my first because I've learned that life shouldn't be so serious. - The best thing to do when you're having a crappy day is to just laugh at yourself.

My second image is mostly for the facial expression. I find that many things in the world just don't make sense. I'm often confused by the world around me and the actions of others. However, I try to use this to my advantage by questioning everything I can.

My final image I chose is of my two cats, Asti Spumante and Inky. Well, I suppose technically six in this photo. But! This is supposed to represent my "spinster" lifestyle, and how I am destined to be the crazy-cat-lady some day.

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