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Chambers Hotel

We visited the Chambers Hotel on Tuesday. It was both classy and fascinating. Most of the art was awesome, and I felt very underdressed. Cheryl asked the class to write about a piece that spoke to us.

The piece that I chose was called, "Other Thing" by Subodh Gupta. Other Thing was a massive sculptural piece. It intrigued me so much for the most part because it's something beautiful created from something so ordinary, kitchen tongs. It almost looks like an eight-foot tall silver pine cone protruding from the wall.

It was able to create a pattern using simple objects that transformed them into something not of this world. The concept of creating something truly beautiful from something so plain is an idea that fascinates me. Given the luminosity of the metal, the artist seems to have created a duo of pieces. The first aspect of the piece being the actual structure of the metal object itself, while the second half of the piece transforms the stark, white walls into something beautiful, by using the light that dances off the piece itself.

I also love pieces that pull the viewer in. The viewer is definitely drawn into this piece- mostly because the lines start in all different directions, and converge in the center.The vast enormity of the piece also plays a role. It could be a metaphor referring back to the peasantry- or rather that the lower class is small, unimportant.

The artist used the small, unimportant tongs to create something larger than life. He made it so the tongs surpassed the class that the tools were originally used for. It's always intriguing to see what will happen when something one wouldn't take a second glance at is transformed into something a person can't take his / her eyes off of.

Como Conservatory (weekly photos 3)

I'm taking a community ed intro to photography course with my mother, (Har-dee-har-har) taught by the lovely C.J. Christopherson, a U of M alum. Our first field trip we went on was to the Como Zoo / Conservatory.

I've been struggling to get out some good pictures, mostly because my camera is a piece of junk that won't go above F12, and it doesn't like to use the faster shutter speeds. Luckily, plants don't move too much.

Anywho, here's a few of the pictures I took while I was there.

I'm totally stalking that pineapple.

I love giant fishes. They're so cute.


Flipbook / Artist

Here we were supposed to post a video of a flipbook we found interesting.

I chose this one, mostly because rather than adding something to the piece, something was taken away.

We were also supposed to feature an artist. I chose Don Hertzfeldt, mostly because of his style of humor. He also does all his animations by hand, nothing more than pencil (marker) and paper.

Weekly photos 2

My friend Yoshi when we were techs for the Coon Rapids Marching Band


My sister's senior photo I took for her


My kitty, Asti hiding in the comforter.

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