Minnesota Original

We were asked to comment on the first episode of Minnesota Original

Alec Soth: His photos are captivating in a sense very different from normal photographs. One of his pieces that I was really struck by was a very simple photo. It features a run down cabin in the snow, with a line of brightly colored laundry hanging from it. As the narrator had mentioned, he managed to tell a story without forcing it out of the work. You kind of get this idea that a flamboyant, rather fun person lives in this worn out, frozen cabin.

He manages to bring out emotion where you wouldn't expect one. In his once group of pieces, he takes pictures of old movie theaters, and what they've been converted to. There was one that was changed into a video store or a laminating store. It's something in our everyday life that we overlook, but is inevitably sad when you think about it.

Heather Doyle: She's a very intriguing person. Heather has an optimistic sense of imagination, finding discarded metal pieces and creating them into something beautiful, or useful. The "schwoop" that she is best known for creates a very natural beauty to metal, which is inherently a cold, empty feeling mineral. The idea of her making a table out of something so old but still precious to her family brings a smile to my face. She's essentially reusing things that would be thrown out and left to gain dust.

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