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I'm grouping these posts together mostly because I chose two pieces which share some similarities, including how they were made.

The piece I chose from the BFA exhibit, unfortunately didn't have a tag with an artist's name or a title, so I'm of little use there. Here's a picture:

It's pretty simply made, a metal frame, with a rusty cover in the shape of a moose. That's not to say this piece isn't well crafted. (Unlike the two-by-four leaning against the wall with a list of different types of wood taped to it.) What I enjoy most about this piece is the balance of it. The moose stands very sturdily, even though the legs are set at such awkward angles.

When looking at the moose the first thing I noticed was the body, it looked strong and sharp. When my eyes moved down the piece, it almost seemed fragile, young.

The second piece, I chose from the BA exhibit was by Kayla Kulzer, an untitled cast bronze and iron piece.


What I enjoyed about this one was pretty much the same reason as the moose. I get such a thrill out of things that shouldn't be standing, but are. The other thing so aesthetically appealing about the piece, is the play on color and shape within the stacked spheres.

It's not quite the same version of rust as the moose, but the natural color gradations of the oxidation mixed with the unnatural blocking off of where the colors lie makes a fine mix of natural and unnatural. It's an unnatural stack of natural shapes, placed against a stairwell where it almost seems to belong.

Both the moose and the spheres seem to accomplish the feeling of belonging in a place where they shouldn't really belong.

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