Video Response 2

The next video I chose to write on, was "The Fantastic Mr. Fox". The scene that most intrigued me was when Mr. Fox, nephew boy, and the mole were robbing the distillery. Light and color were very important factors in this scene. A constant amber glow was emanating around the room during this scene, giving the vibe that the alcohol was as valuable as gold to Mr. Fox.

Shadow was also used to show impending danger. When the wife first came into the room, her shadow was the first thing that appeared, looming down the stairway, as an ominous, gigantic creature coming for them. Had it been merely a small shadow, or none at all, the scene wouldn't have worked as well as it did as far as suspense goes.

One of the best camera angles I thought that was used in that scene, was again when the wife was coming down the stairs. It was a straight-on shot of the bottle, with Mr. Fox hiding directly behind it. It both created a suspenseful moment, because he was in no way hidden, and (possible) foreshadowing to him being caught, as he appeared to be pickled within the bottle itself.

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