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Obligatory first post

Welcome, all to my nifty little blog-thing.
Edit 4-8-2010: Decided I hated my intro and am rewriting it.

My name is Megan Beede. I'm 20 years old and am an art major. What I'm most interested in varies day to day. Last month, tattoos were my main focus. (Before that it was comic making) ((Before that it was illustrating children's stories)) (((Before that, marching / trumpet--- Speaking of, I'll add a picture of all of 'em later.)))

As of late I've grown very fond of photography. I just got a Canon EOS 30D

It's pretty much my baby and I love it. So far I've only had a community education course in photography, but am anxious to learn more. I'm also offering my services to juniors this summer in taking senior photos. It should be a real experience.

Actually- speaking of that, one of my best friends is a junior in high school. She and her family own some horses up north, and I'm going to be going up there this summer to take her photos with Reggie II. Horses freak me out. I have to ride one. They promised to start me out with the pony.

The end.

Edit 3-23-2010: New picture!


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