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We were taken to see the exhibit (see title) at the Nash Gallery. (Or whatever it's called). C-W-C requested that we respond to a piece in the gallery that speaks to us. I chose some photos by Jaakko Heikkila (I don't know how to do the umlaut over the "a").

His main piece I decided to take a focus on was Peter in his room.

I really enjoy how this piece is set up using thirds. The subject seems so cramped an unhappy in the first third, while we have the deep red curtain as the second third, leading into the final area which makes the same sized area seem so vast and endless.

The contrast of background colors for the separate parts of the image is also a smart choice, using complementary orange for the lighting of Peter's room, while the outdoors is a variety of blue shades.

Heikkila seems to have a real gift for distorting space in his pieces. Harout in the everyday room has a nice fisheye effect with the walls, they seem to almost bend inwards. Tigran in the everyday room plays with the height, making the amount of ceiling and floor shown seem so vast in comparison to the subject on the bed.

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