"Are you my mother?"-Dr Seuss

The things we do for science…. If the world is overpopulated and people are not adopting enough kids, why not have men reproducing? Going against the grains I would say. This baby may be born purely for science? Or maybe they are born because someone is happy. There once was a time where it was unheard of for a single mother to have a child. Is it okay for someone to have a baby and not have the “family” unit? My mom was a single mother, raised four kids on her own without any help and without the supposed “family-unit” or father figure. Happens all the time, mothers and fathers raising children on their own, but I have never seen a person who wants a broken family… Most people start out in a relationship, not just having a baby for science. When we learned about the pregnant man during our reproductive technologies discussion I was a bit shocked that someone would want to bring a baby into the world for the purpose of science. In Dr. Seuss’ “Horton Hears a Who,” the character, Horton says, “a person’s a person no matter how small.” Many people against abortion use this to say why it is wrong to simply kill fetuses; is it wrong to create them using science as well?
If we are talking Dr Seuss, won’t this baby think “Are You My Mother?” Is this too far, playing god?

Break the Mold

Here's a joke for you. . . What do Asian, American, European, Canadian, Native American, and Spanish Barbie have in common? And the answer; every one of these Barbies is created with the same mold. The youth of the world look up to these plastic icons and their inaccurate tribute to the fashion world. With perfect, long, usually blonde hair on the top of her oversized head, supported by a toothpick sized unrealistic neck, Barbie is a very negative role model to the children that do not understand just how false Barbie really is.
"There is no authentic life form," Timothy Morton may have nailed it right on the head, where Barbie creators missed the boat. International barbies are all the same with different colored plastic poured into the same exact mold. In our day and age, it is very obvious that different races have different facial features and common body shape. Does this not teach children that every human should have the same body shape and facial features despite their culture or race? Perhaps it shows them that they will never fit in with other cultures or countries unless they have unnaturally long legs and arms, that no one will ever be able to get a long without some control or mold making them more similar than possible.
My question; Are the makers of Barbies making a huge mistake by making all these barbies with the same mold? Or is there a lesson behind this madness?

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