May 2, 2006

Packing tips

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Money Conversion

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Price Comparison

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Talent Inventory

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Final Project

When coming up with a topic for my final project I wanted it to be a combination of my natural talents, those I can easily identify and feel comfortable with and my inner talents, those that I enjoy doing but haven’t quite developed into a sharpened skill. Po Bronson refers to finding ones inner self. When reviewing my talent inventory I looked at what I got paid to do and what I liked to do. By trade I’m an accountant so I am detail oriented and have the ability to not only prepare a budget, but maintain that budget as well. My favorite thing to do when I’m not working is traveling. At first glance, a look at my inner self would point me in the direction of becoming a travel agent or a travel coordinator. However one major obstacle in my way which isn’t reveled on my talent inventory is my love for money. Maybe love isn’t quite the right word but I have this thought process which leads me to believe at certain stages in your life you should be making a certain salary. Unfortunately, travel agents and travel coordinators do not fall into that anticipated salary range.

My final project is throwing all money thoughts aside. What I did was put together a portfolio of pictures and tidbits that I actually had started this spring when I went on my annual trip to Mexico. As this year I was lucky enough to travel with seven other members of my extended family, I thought it would be nice to organize something for them as more than half the group had never been there before. This I thought is what I’d do if money were no object.

Instead of simply attaching my file pages, I thought I’d give a brief summary of each so that you can better understand my thought process.

1. Talent inventory- a listing of things I do well for work and a listing of what I do in my personal life.
2. Budget- I like to prepare a budget for my travelers so they know what to expect. This year I had a huge age gap- from students to retirees, and as some of the members save all year to take a vacation I don’t want them to have any surprises.
3. Pictures- It’s always nice to let them know where they will be hanging their head.
4. Itinerary- I guess it’s the accountant in me. I’m detail oriented and feel that with a large group, if you don’t have a plan it will take most of the day to come up with one.
5. Price comparison- There’s always a skeptic in the crowd so I like to do a search for a similar travel package on one of the major travel search engines such as Expedia or Orbitz so that they know how much they’d have to pay a real travel agent.
6. Money conversion- for your shopping ease and enjoyment.
7. Packing tips- a list of things I’ve learned through my visits there, which I thought would be helpful to the group.

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April 30, 2006

Modality for my final project

I have decided to submit my final project portfolio style. By this I mean submitting bits of information such as schedules and pictures that I have put together. I decided to do this as I felt it would be the best way to express my inner talents in a different light.

I thought about writing a paper but decided it would be too boring and hard to understand the full intent of my knowledge work. I also thought about a powerpoint presentation. This actually came in a close second byt I felt that my below average powerpoint skills would not portray my project in the best light.

So stay tuned for my final project, soon to come with pictures, schedules, my talent inventory and much, much more.

April 29, 2006

talent inventory comments

Thank you everyone for the great comments. I have been thinking of my talents over the past week and will post my findings within the next couple of days. I am thinking of a way to combine my work talents with my hobby talents to make up my list. This will be part of my final project.

April 21, 2006

Personal Inventory

Greetings fellow classmates:

Other than the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I have been busy this week trying to come up with a personal inventory of my inner self. I was wondering if others have done this as well and what techniques you used to define your inner strengths.

April 12, 2006

What are my talents?

Generally when I think of knowledge work I think in terms of relating my current career to my job skills. I want to approach this a little differently. I want to think in terms of what I know outside of my current job and if or how these skills can be applied to possbily a new career in the future.