October 31, 2008

Region Definitions- Continents and their countries

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October 15, 2008

CIA World Factbook

Population Reference Bureau

World Bank Database,,menuPK:476823~pagePK:64165236~piPK:64165141~theSitePK:469372,00.html

US Census Bureau

UN Website

October 11, 2008

Population Growth and Earth's Human Carrying Capacity

I think this will be a useful resource in our discussion section part of the final paper.
(And I'm sorry I'm incapable of getting it out of the PDF format, JSTOR is really good at file protection...)

Original Data Spreadsheet

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Demographic Research Site

This is the site that I've been using for background information on how human population demography is done these days...

Human Population: The Next Half Century

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Exponential Population Growth

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