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Water Treatment Starting Thoughts

1) Treatment standards (US, WHO, local)
a. Removal?
b. Inactivation?
c. Disinfection?
d. Residual?

2) Tributary Watershed (describe- local, national, regional)

3) Water quality (any known characteristics, predicted quality)

a. Biological
b. Chemical
c. Physical
d. Potential problems

4) Flow rates / capacities (work with supply team)

5) Applicable technologies - feasibility
a. Treatment efficiency
b. Sustainability
c. O&M
d. Materials
e. Costs
f. Societal acceptance

Goals: Predesign report establishing design standards, evaluating treatment technologies and selecting appropriate technology. Establish a basis of design.


Hey water treatment folks - Check out this link (specifically the technical reports section) There is a lot of info here!


Also a website on BioSand Filters


With a large population of this planets inhabitants getting there water from a well system, and even those getting water from their local treatment plants, a home reverse osmosis system would help to reduce hundreds of contaminants from their water making it safer for them to drink. I've been using a countertop water filter for 3 years now and I would never go back.