October 4, 2008

Water Treatment Starting Thoughts

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October 16, 2008

JICA Responds - I need a translator!

Hello everybody - I received a response from JICA today. The response was vague (the only email option on the website is via a suggestion/question interface - no actual email addresses are available) but it directed me to the JICA office in Uganda (Kampala) with the following link:


Unfortunately, this link is in Japanese (if you click on the English tab you are simply re-routed to the JICA homepage). I think it might be best for us to go through the Uganda office for information on this well although I will follow up with their head office as well.

In the meantime, Katheryn - any chance you can help out with a translator?

UNESCO World Water Assessment Programme

Hello again - Have a look at the report below (also posted on the wiki). It is an overview of the entire water sector in Uganda but a few chapters will be directly relevant to us:

Chapter 3 - Summary of Uganda's freshwater sources including quality monitoring
Chapter 4 - Summary of rural water supply

In chapter three there is a description of a current water quality monitoring program for groundwater which means we may be able to find some water quality data for, at minimum, the region we are working with.


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