January 30, 2009

Week 2

We began class by exploring the classroom - what does all the memorabilia have say about the college and the University? We also talked about the Wente and King articles. Students were very talkative and the topic often got very broad. We ended with a talk by Francis Bettleyoun, Master Gardener, about the University of Minnesota’s Council of Elder’s garden. Francis talked sustainability and how students can get involved in the garden.


Francis Bettleyoun (left) and Dr. Jay Bell (right)

January 28, 2009

First Day!

First Class: We did introductions and reviewed the syllabus. We also talked about the course expectations. We used the traditional talking circle format for this session.

We were joined by members of the University of Minnesota Council of Elders and spiritual leader Jerry Dearly who facilitated an opening ceremony. Jerry was concerned about fire alarms so he did not light the sage.

We ended the session with a feast of "build your own tacos." Students and elders had the chance to talk for a while.


January 21, 2009



Boozhoo: Mark Bellcourt niin indizhinikaaz zhaanaashiimong. Bimose Inini idash nindigo Ojibwemong. Gaawiin ningikenimaasii indoodem. Gaa-Waabaabiganikaag niin indoojibaa. Ashkibugziibing nindayendaa noongom.

Greetings; My English name is Mark Bellcourt. My Ojibwe name is Walking Man. I do not know my clan. I am from White Earth Reservation (located in Northern Minnesota). But, now I live in St. Paul, Minnesota.

My educational background is in higher education policy and administration and research is focused on Indigenous worldviews of math and science and how they can be better integrated into the mainstream curriculum. I've visited the Yucatan more than 10 times exploring more than 20 archilogical sites. I taught two global seminars exploring the impact of tourism on Maya culture and several freshmen seminars.