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Boozhoo: Mark Bellcourt niin indizhinikaaz zhaanaashiimong. Bimose Inini idash nindigo Ojibwemong. Gaawiin ningikenimaasii indoodem. Gaa-Waabaabiganikaag niin indoojibaa. Ashkibugziibing nindayendaa noongom.

Greetings; My English name is Mark Bellcourt. My Ojibwe name is Walking Man. I do not know my clan. I am from White Earth Reservation (located in Northern Minnesota). But, now I live in St. Paul, Minnesota.

My educational background is in higher education policy and administration and research is focused on Indigenous worldviews of math and science and how they can be better integrated into the mainstream curriculum. I've visited the Yucatan more than 10 times exploring more than 20 archilogical sites. I taught two global seminars exploring the impact of tourism on Maya culture and several freshmen seminars.