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Arrived in Akumal!

I arrived in Akumal about two hours ago - boy have things changed in two years. On the drive down from Canucun, there must have been more than a dozen new resorts and road expansion is happening everywhere. Two years ago, there was only one stop light in Playa del Carmen, Now there are at least six. The higway use to be two lanes after Playa del Carmen, now it is four lanes all the way to Tulum. The entrance to Akumal is being changed too. They are building an overpass and exit off the main highway.

I had lunch at a nearby resturant - delicious "Americanized" burrito. The sun is very warm, 85 degrees and humid. I'm already on my second shirt. I'm getting ready to go snorkeling in Akumal Bay. They are still working on the dorms, they promis to be down by the end of today. They've put me up in one of the other volunteer dorms for today and hope to move me to the new ones tomorrow.



I live in Cozumel and i would like to visit Akumal and stay for the night. do you now about cheap places to stay there? i saw only expensive hotles on the internet.