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Katherine Boulware

I'm Katherine, from St. Paul MN. I went to Central High School. I was born in Michigan and grew up mostly in Florida. Right now I'm a first year student at the U. I don't have a major in mind yet, but I do have an interest in sustainable agriculture. I love plants and animals. Two years ago when I was a junior in high school I spent a little over a week in Peru with a group of students to learn about the Peruvian Amazon. We took a couple of hikes through the rainforest, as well as seeing the river by boat and the canopy by a canopy walkway. We also got to meet and trade with the Yagua Indians, as well as meeting some people in a local village where we did a service project. I love travelling, and since that trip I've become more interested in Central and South America. I've been really excited about going to Mexico and am really looking forward to seeing the Mayan ruins and going snorkeling.