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January 3, 2009

Today we had lecture with David about marine life, then lecture with Mark about preparation for Tulum and Xel-Ha tomorrow. Then we had our first Pop Quiz!!☺!!

Since we’ve been living here for a week (and we didn’t do very much today) we thought we’d pose a question pertaining to the subject of our class: the relationship between the environment and present day culture and the native Maya.

Q: What makes a successful civilization?
A: We think an important aspect is sustainability, living within our means and thinking of future generations. In order to do this many factors need to be taken into consideration- population growth and available natural resources need to be measured accordingly, waste management, environmental impact, and economic gain.
Another important aspect is culture. A strong culture consists of agreement in civic, religious and social function.
Successful civilizations take a lot of teamwork and mutual understanding. In order for all aspects to blend and thrive, a community needs to have a system of open communication that ensures values and principles are upheld and appropriately evolved over the passage of time.

Written by the A-Man, EmJay, and Raquel