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Monday January 12, 2008

Today was the third day of our community service projects. Both teams participated in the clean up of South Akumal Bay. The amount of garbage was more than expected. Two passing tourists assisted our efforts by picking up trash that they passed on their walk.
After the beach clean up, Team One headed to the park again. Much progress was made clearing the pathway. Team two spent the early afternoon thinning the wetlands and replanting the removed plants.
After community service efforts, we had the afternoon free. Some people took one of the two available vans up to Playa Del Carmen in the pouring rain. Aziz brought one group to a delicious Middle Eastern restraunt for lunch. Others walked aroundand enjoyed the town or shopped for souvenirs and clothes. Those that stayed behind caught up on their required community service hours.
In the evening, we started with an early talking circle. We had a night full of movies, card games and relaxation. An enjoyable day for all, to say the least!
Best Always,
Em-J, Sam and Laura