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DSC_2294.JPGHola. Me llamo Allison. Soy de Minnepolis. Estoy en mi tercer año en la Universidad de Minnesota Duluth. Mi especialidad es antropología con un menor de edad en los estudios ambientes.
Hello. My name is Allison. I´m from Minneapolis. I am in my 3rd year at UMD. My major is anthropology with a minor in environmental studies. I am interested in the environment primarily because when I was little my family and I would always go camping or canoeing the BWCA.
I don´t know what I am going to do after college. I would love to do some sort of environmental social justice work. I am thinking about applying for an internship with Winona LaDuke´s White Earth Land Recovery Project this summer. Maybe if i get the internship and like it I can apply for a paid postion after graduation.
I am in intermediate spanish 1 and will be taking intermediate 2 in the spring. Summer between my junior and senior year of highschool i studied abroad for 1 month in Costa Rica. It was mostly community service work. We traveled around the highlands of Costa Rica fixing up the environment. We also lived with a host family for one week.

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