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Hola CompaƱeros!

My name is Samantha. I'm a Psychology Major enjoying my senior year at the U of M. I enjoy traveling, anything to do with the great outdoors, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, biking, rollerblading, boating, learning new things, hanging out with my family and friends, photography, painting, pottery, seeing things for the first time,the sun, the moon and the stars, dancing, road trips, bonfires, and the beach.

I was only 12 years old the last time I visited Mexico and I loved it! I'm so excited to go back and enjoy it's beauty! I'm also excited to learn some new things, help the environment, meet some new people, practice my Spanish, and spend some time on the beach!

I have always been interested in helping out with the environment and others because volunteering makes me feel like I'm serving a purpose in this world.I can't wait to volunteer in such a beautiful place!

I am a little up in the air on what I want to do after college. The Peace Corps, Grad School, or some time off are all possibilities. Ideally, I would like to travel for a little while before making any major decisions, but in this economy that is pretty unlikely. If I can find a decent paying job that makes me happy that would be great!


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