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Hello all,
My name is Meghan and I am a Genetics, Cell Biology and Development major with minors in Leadership and Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature. I am in my final year at the U and extremely pumped to graduate - I dont know what Im gonna do though. Ill take the MCAT this summer and probably apply to med school over the next year, during which I would love to do some genetics research somewhere in France.

Other than school, I spend most of my time reading and hanging out with friends. Im obsessed with music (rock mostly, love David Bowie!) and like to go camping and hiking. I love traveling, though I havent been able to do enough of it-I have never had an abroad experience through school. Ive been to Europe and Mexico twice, but only to really commercial areas. Thats one thing Im most excited about for this trip, to see "real" Mexico and get a taste for the culture in the area. I also love group trips - Im excited to spend time with and get to know everyone. And, of course, to say goodbye to this snow:)

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