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Hey everybody!

My name is Tom, and I'm from the Madison, WI area. I recently transferred to the U from the University of Florida. I'm a Sociology of Law and Criminal Deviance major, and hope to go to law school after my undergraduate studies.

I'm currently serving in the United States Marine Corps Reserve as an 5811, military police officer, assigned here near MSP airport. The Corps is a huge part of who I am and what I do, and I wouldn't trade the experiences I've learned there for anything!

I enjoy lots of outdoor activities like shooting, running, swimming, and just generally trying to stay in shape.

I've previously traveled to South Korea, but otherwise don't have too much foreign travel experience.

I'm looking forward to the trip, and experiencing the jungle environment like never before and really feed my hunger for adventure. I'm interested to see what kind of impact tourism has on local areas and economies, and also to see how ecological law might further be shaped in the future.

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