Monday, January 10, 2011

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This morning we had a guest lecturer named Mario. He was kind enough to educate our class on Yucatan Geology. Through his lecture, we learned how the "Ring of Cenotes," was formed and we were surprised that it all began when a meteor fell onto the Yucatan Peninsula thousands of years ago. We also learned about how putting our waste back into the environment kills off important organisms that our world needs. Whatever we put into our bodies eventually comes back out and goes back into the environment; this includes everything from water to estrogen. Learning about pollution and contamination levels in different bodies of water was also interesting because their contents can vary greatly.

This lecture tied in perfectly with Melinda's water quality research. Through her research, she has found that when it comes to the waste water gardens in Akumal, there is generally more pollution at the outtake than the intake. This means that the water in the waste water gardens is not flowing fast enough and/or as efficiently as it should.

Through this experience, we have learned that more research and experimentation needs to be done on waste water gardens in order for them to function properly and successfully. The concept of waste water gardens seems to be a good idea; however, if they are causing more bad than good, this is a problem. We are hopeful that as time goes on and technology advances, people everywhere will be able to create and maintain effective waste water gardens.

Some students will be using the information learned from today's lecture back home when they plant their own gardens. Although many of us do not have access to actual waste water, we can be conserve more of our earth's fresh water supply and be more ecological by collecting rain water to water our gardens at home.

We also had the chance to help organize and put away donated books in the local Library this afternoon. The selection of books was very diverse ranging from romance novels to self-help books in a wide variety of languages including Spanish, German, English, and French. We were impressed on the strong impact that donations have on the community and realize that we could easily help with projects like this back home too.
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