Monday, January 2, 2011

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After a relaxing weekend off we woke up and had breakfast. Then we had a lecture about the fundamentals of Native American science and how it differs from science as we commonly think of it. We talked about what science means and what it means to truly know something. After that David gave us an introduction to the Bay Patrol program and explained it in more detail. We the split into two groups and picked times to do Bay Patrol. After a short break we had lunch at noon and then had some free time before our shifts.

It was interesting to realize how different the Native American view of the world is compared to a more Western view. They see themselves as a part of their environment while we usually think of ourselves as separated from it. They also see spirituality and prayer as something that is continuous instead of regimented like going to church on Sundays. We realized how different these views are and will try to see other perspectives in the future.

Shortly after class everyone had set up a time to do the Bay Patrol program that David had recently informed us about. I (Jessica) did my time at around three in the afternoon so it was relatively cool and many of the people had gone in. However, there were still some large groups of snorkelers and several people snorkeling on their own. It was sort of difficult at first because our job is to sort of protect the bay and prevent people from harming the organisms that live in the ocean. I was surprised to see how many people really did not follow the rules. There were a bunch of people that were chasing turtles, standing on the reef, and even one person blatantly touched a turtle right in front of me! I was frustrated by it and was wondering why they don't follow the rules. Do they not understand them or what??? I was thinking also about how they could improve the manner of distribution of the rules, but I guess there's not really too much they can do. There will always be some arrogant people that think the rules don't apply to them.

Also I was surprised by how much paper work was involved in the program. When we finished in the kayaks we had to copy down the boats that left the bay into several different books. Also during the watch we had to keep track of how many boats left the bay and how many people were in the boats because a lot of people try to leave without reporting to CEA so that they don't have to pay a tax. Again, that is sort of surprising because you would think people would realize that CEA is really just there to help.

Ryan & Jessica

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