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Hello everyone!

Sooo my name is Melinda and I am from good ol' Minneapolis. I am a senior in CFANS majoring in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management with a focus on water resources. I plan on graduating next fall and am considering going to graduate school or joining the Peace Corps or Conservation Corps. I am really interested in water quality and quantity issues throughout the world and am excited to volunteer with CEA. I will also be conducting a small research project looking at a few constructed wetlands and their ability to remove coliform bacteria from the water. A group of students did something similar to this last year and I'm looking forward to seeing what has changed, learning about other research techniques, gaining field experience, working in a lab and helping out CEA staff wherever needed.

Last fall I studied abroad in Lima, Peru for a semester. It was by far the best decision I have ever made! I love experiencing and learning about other cultures, so I am excited to get to know the locals in Akumal as well as learn about Mayan history.

In my free time I like to cook new foods, run, listen to music, dance and hang out with friends. I'm looking forward to exploring the area's unique environment- jungle, beach and reefs- by going on adventures, snorkeling, swimming and relaxing on the beach! I also can't wait to try authentic Mexican food and go out dancing. Even though the seminar is only 3 weeks, I think it will be jam packed with fun and opportunities to learn new things!

See ya soon!

Jared Rickert

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What's up folks? My name is Jared and I am a senior here at the U majoring in Business and Marketing and minoring in Management and Communications. I am from Sparta, WI(the greatest city ever) and looking to broaden my horizons. I hope to have fun in the sun and experience life in Akumal! I am looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow! See you all bright and early.

With love,



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Hello my name is Torrey Line I am currently a second semester junior at the U of Mn TC majoring in Business and Marketing Education and Human Resource Development with minors in coaching and sports management. I am from a small town in northern Minnesota named Browerville. In my spare time I enjoy being outside and hanging out with friends. I also enjoy playing and watching most any sports with my favorites being wrestling and football. I enjoy traveling whenever it is possible and have done my fair share of it as well. Last January I was actually about twenty miles from where we are staying and have already experienced a couple of things we are all going to experience while touring Mexico. I'm looking forward to our trip and hope to have a lot of fun while also learning a lot.


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Hello all,
My name is Meghan and I am a Genetics, Cell Biology and Development major with minors in Leadership and Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature. I am in my final year at the U and extremely pumped to graduate - I dont know what Im gonna do though. Ill take the MCAT this summer and probably apply to med school over the next year, during which I would love to do some genetics research somewhere in France.

Other than school, I spend most of my time reading and hanging out with friends. Im obsessed with music (rock mostly, love David Bowie!) and like to go camping and hiking. I love traveling, though I havent been able to do enough of it-I have never had an abroad experience through school. Ive been to Europe and Mexico twice, but only to really commercial areas. Thats one thing Im most excited about for this trip, to see "real" Mexico and get a taste for the culture in the area. I also love group trips - Im excited to spend time with and get to know everyone. And, of course, to say goodbye to this snow:)


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Hello everyone!
My name is Jessica. I am an American Indian Dakota Language and Sociology (Law Crime and Deviance) major and I'm minoring in Global Studies. I am currently a junior and have no clue what I will be doing in my future! lol. I am planning on going to graduate school, but after that who knows what I will be doing. Last summer I went to Ghana with a group from the U, Tougaloo College, and U of M Morris. It was the best experience of my life and really made me want to do more travelling so I'm really excited to go on this trip. The furthest into Mexico I've ever been is Tijuana, but I'm from San Diego so it's only about 20 minutes from where I live. Anyway, I'm really excited to meet everyone, have a good time, and learn some new things :)


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Hi everyone!

My name is Anna, and I'm an English major & art minor in my final year at the U of M. I hail from Darwin, a small town in rural MN about an hour west of the metro. I enjoy photography and painting, camping trips, and seeing live music around Minneapolis.

I've already done some traveling abroad, as well as plenty of road trips around the lower 48 states and Canada. I did a global seminar in London this past May term, which included a side trip to Amsterdam. I haven't been to Mexico before, but in my freshman year of high school, I took a 9-day trip to Costa Rica to study the rainforests and ecotourism.

While I'm excited to learn about and experience the Maya culture, I am pretty stoked to sit on the beach and forget about all things snow-related. I'd also like to improve my Spanish--I know about three phrases right now, but I suspect I'll pick up more.

I'm looking forward to graduating this spring, and hope to find work in the book publishing industry. I also plan to do more travelling--I'm hoping for a camping trip to Alaska this summer, and I'd love to get back to Europe someday. I'm sure I'll feel the same way about Mexico after we get back!


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Hey everybody!

My name is Tom, and I'm from the Madison, WI area. I recently transferred to the U from the University of Florida. I'm a Sociology of Law and Criminal Deviance major, and hope to go to law school after my undergraduate studies.

I'm currently serving in the United States Marine Corps Reserve as an 5811, military police officer, assigned here near MSP airport. The Corps is a huge part of who I am and what I do, and I wouldn't trade the experiences I've learned there for anything!

I enjoy lots of outdoor activities like shooting, running, swimming, and just generally trying to stay in shape.

I've previously traveled to South Korea, but otherwise don't have too much foreign travel experience.

I'm looking forward to the trip, and experiencing the jungle environment like never before and really feed my hunger for adventure. I'm interested to see what kind of impact tourism has on local areas and economies, and also to see how ecological law might further be shaped in the future.


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My name is Ryan. I am a sophomore Accounting and Finance major at the U of M. I enjoy watching tv and movies, following the Minnesota Vikings and Twins, going to my cabin, and hanging out with friends.

I am looking forward to enjoying the warm weather in Mexico and learning more about the Mayan culture. I have never traveled outside the country before so this will be a new experience for me.

I am looking forward to exploring the Mayan Riviera and about the service learning and volunteer opportunities. This will be a real change of pace for me from my daily life and I am looking forward to it.

After I graduate I plan to take the CPA exam but I am not settled on what kind of career I'd like to pursue with it. I could work for a public accounting firm or work as an accountant for a company, but I am still considering these options.


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DSC_2294.JPGHola. Me llamo Allison. Soy de Minnepolis. Estoy en mi tercer año en la Universidad de Minnesota Duluth. Mi especialidad es antropología con un menor de edad en los estudios ambientes.
Hello. My name is Allison. I´m from Minneapolis. I am in my 3rd year at UMD. My major is anthropology with a minor in environmental studies. I am interested in the environment primarily because when I was little my family and I would always go camping or canoeing the BWCA.
I don´t know what I am going to do after college. I would love to do some sort of environmental social justice work. I am thinking about applying for an internship with Winona LaDuke´s White Earth Land Recovery Project this summer. Maybe if i get the internship and like it I can apply for a paid postion after graduation.
I am in intermediate spanish 1 and will be taking intermediate 2 in the spring. Summer between my junior and senior year of highschool i studied abroad for 1 month in Costa Rica. It was mostly community service work. We traveled around the highlands of Costa Rica fixing up the environment. We also lived with a host family for one week.


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Hola Compañeros!

My name is Samantha. I'm a Psychology Major enjoying my senior year at the U of M. I enjoy traveling, anything to do with the great outdoors, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, biking, rollerblading, boating, learning new things, hanging out with my family and friends, photography, painting, pottery, seeing things for the first time,the sun, the moon and the stars, dancing, road trips, bonfires, and the beach.

I was only 12 years old the last time I visited Mexico and I loved it! I'm so excited to go back and enjoy it's beauty! I'm also excited to learn some new things, help the environment, meet some new people, practice my Spanish, and spend some time on the beach!

I have always been interested in helping out with the environment and others because volunteering makes me feel like I'm serving a purpose in this world.I can't wait to volunteer in such a beautiful place!

I am a little up in the air on what I want to do after college. The Peace Corps, Grad School, or some time off are all possibilities. Ideally, I would like to travel for a little while before making any major decisions, but in this economy that is pretty unlikely. If I can find a decent paying job that makes me happy that would be great!


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