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For lack of a better, more creative idea, my post today will be dedicated to food. As both a vegetarian and an unadventurous eater, my options have been slightly limited. However, I've given some new foods a try while over here.

During our first marae visit, we encountered feijoas. A feijoa is small, ovular, and close to lime green in color. The skin on the outside is rough like an avocado, but the consistency on the inside is nearly opposite. Once the skin has been peeled, a has a grainy texture, like a pear is revealed. The fruit has a sweet taste. I know "sweet" is not very descriptive, but I don't really have a better adjective to use to describe the taste so it'll have to do.

We had pavlova for the first time the other day. Pavlova is a popular dessert that is like a meringue on the outside, but it is soft and fluffy on the inside. It is topped with cream and fruit. Since I love to bake, I'm definitely going to try my hand at baking pavlova sometime after I return home.

Chokito, a candy bar that is carmel fudge and rice balls covered with chocolate, is also pretty good. I found it at the local grocery store once, but since then, it has been out of stock. I guess it's pretty popular.

Other random food observations: Seafood is a pretty big staple of the diet here. Cream is frequently used. Bacon resembles ham. Ketchup is called "tomato sauce," but tomato sauce here does not taste like ketchup. I've been told that the beef tastes different, but I have no way to confirm that statement. Mac's Green Apple Sour Fruit Drink is incredible.

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