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Wellington... Land of the wind and the rain. That may very well be an appropriate name for this city based on the weather from the past two days, but regardless, I love this city. It has a much different feel from most places I have been. It has the bustle of a big city, yet the tranquil feel of a small rural town. It has the intrigue of a port city, but the history of a capital. But so far, I am enjoying my time here immensely.

And I don't mean to put Napier and the Hawke's Bay Region down, that area is amazing as well, but I am liking it here in Wellington a lot more. However, the hostel we are staying at is much worse. It is a lot more busy too.

I am not looking forward to my experience up in the Bay of Plenty region at Tauranga next week. By time I visit there I am going to feel like I have experienced a little bit of everything here on the North Island.

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