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"It's crazy to think that we're not going to be in Napier anymore. We stayed at the Portside Inn Backpackers for 2 weeks - it was like our home. I enjoyed that city - the people were friendly, the town was just the right size, the beach was beautiful, and the hostel was nice. Now we're in Wellington at a backpackers called Base. It's a huge building with many people as opposed to the small hostel we stayed at with barely any other people. The room is comparatively dirty and smelly to Portside Inn.

It's Sunday night at 9:31pm and we're just chilling in the room preparing for our free day tomorrow. Earlier this evening we just walked around the city and ate a Japanese restaurant called Wagamama. Just from the few hours of walking around the city at night I've developed a few surface level observations of the city and the people. I've noticed the fashion style of the people here. It seems to be a combination of surfer, skater, hipster, and dirty/artsy. As in terms of shoes - converse, converse everywhere. So far it seems like a very diverse city. I've not only noticed this through the faces walking by, but by the types of restaurants (Malaysian to Irish to Moroccan).

Tomorrow I plan on walking to the cable cars (35 min walk) and taking it to go to the Botanical Gardens. Then I'd like to walk around the various shopping centers and buy a book. I'd like to find a cozy place by the sea/port and get started on reading. Perhaps I'll find a café and work on my digital story for a while too. I definitely don't have very much money left so I plan to do everything by foot and visit places that are preferably free. The best things in life are free, right?"

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