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Man what a change, going from Napier to Wellington. Napier was such a nice quite town with just the right amount of things to do, but still quiet enough to just go walk out and watch the sunset and the ocean. We made so many friends there and the backpackers truly felt like a cozy home. I truly miss interacting with people of the Ngati Kahungunu Iwi and our friends Tojo, Chris and Morgan back at the backpackers. Wellington has a lot to offer to though. It is a much busy place and larger town, which takes a little adjusting for me...as the whole group knows I like to take it easy and do things on my own time ;)....but there are lots of new places to explore here. My favorite so far is Te Papa. Te Papa is a wonderful museum full of New Zealands history and culture both Maori and all the other cultures found here. I've been there two different days and plan to visit again tomorrow. I can't wait to meet up with Adele and some of the faculty and staff at Victoria University tomorrow :)

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