The Value of a Punch

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Brittney Griner is a collegiate basketball player for the Baylor Bear, a well respected team. She is best known for her exceptional play and highlight dunks. At 6' 8" she towers over her competition and dominates games. In addition to her talent on the court, she also carries an attitude that was exhibited in a game in 2010 vs. rival Texas Tech University. Griner was defended aggressively by Jordan Barcastle, a 5' 11" opponent. After Barcastle had made an aggresive move that swung Griner out of position. Griner responded with a right had punch that connected with Barcastle's nose which resulted in a break. This aggressive move was unprecedented in Women's sports and had never been seen. The initial reaction from most people had to have been, "did that girl just throw a punch?" That answer is yes and she caused damage too. This behavior undermines every stereotype that women athletes are soft and don't play with the same fiery desire that males do. So in a sense is this good for women's sports because it shows that they also play with the same aggressive nature, or does it hurt them because it also leads to the stereotype that female athletes have lost femininity. In male sports this has happened numerous times. Fighting sometimes is just apart of the game. In a collegiate football game in 2009 running back of Oregon punch an opposing player and knocked him down. The difference between the Oregon players punch and Griner's was that Griner suffered a 2 game suspension and the Oregon player was suspended the entire season. Due to the Rarity of Griner's action and because it was unprecedented, is it possible that the NCAA simply just didn't know what a suitable punishment was? Or was it because Griner was to valuable to the sports media attention? Regardless of the reason If people want to adapt female sports as much as they do male sports they should both carry the same penalties for what they do. Title IX was put in place to allocate balance and equality among the sports, so doesn't this mean we shouldn't put the value of one above the other? Punishments between Male and Female sports should be decided on what sex they person is but rather the violation in which is committed. If one person throws a punch and is suspended an entire season, the the same should happen to the other.

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