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Egyptian President Votes No on Draft Constitution

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Egyptian President, Mohammed Morsi called for a "national dialogue" with opposing leaders Thursday to discuss the draft constitution that prompted violent protesting in the past two weeks, the Los Angeles Times reported.
Morsi said in a televised address the charter written by an Islamist-dominated assembly would move to a referendum, the LA Times reported.
Meanwhile, guards watch the palace with tanks, the LA Times reported.
BBC News reported Morsi saying 80 people were detained because of their, "violent acts."
He said supporters of the former President Hosni Muburak's regime were to blame for the current violence, according to BBC News.
The white house said in a statement that, President Barack Obama welcomed Morsi's call for talks but the will be "without precondition."

The Florida Sherriff's office that investigated the disappearance of Casey Anthony's 2 -year-old daughter, overlooked the Google search term "full proof" suffocation methods made by someone in the Anthony home the day of the child's disappearance, reported.
Angelo Nieves, Orange County Sherriff's Captain told that their computer investigator missed the June 16, 2008 search.
It is not known who searched the term but it was reported that the browser used was one Anthony used primarily. She was acquitted for the girl's murder in 2011, reported.
Fox News reported that investigators pulled information from the Internet explorer browser not the Mozilla Firefox browser, one Anthony used most.
By doing so they missed the more that 1,200 Firefox entries, including the "full proof suffication" entry in which she spelled suffocation incorrectly.
Prosecutor Jeff Ashton told WKMG, "It's just a shame we didn't have it. This certainly would have put the accidental death claim in serious question," Fox News reported.

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