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We believe that Bourgeois drama, specifically the playwright Denis Diderot, used drama to inspire social change through the introduction of new perspectives and cultural viewpoints. In order to illustrate this, we will be evaluating Diderot's A Family Picture as well as the social and political movements of this time in France. Bourgeois drama instigated changes in the theatrical world that are still felt today. And by evaluating Diderot's tactics of inspiring change, we can understand how similar changes can be initiated in our theatrical and political world today.

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Hi group,

Right now, I'm very worried about where your group is in terms of the sculpting process. You've clearly chosen a playwright and play to look at, but I'm not seeing a very specific argument. What was the social change that Diderot was trying to inspire? What were his new perspectives and cultural viewpoints (you can really say that almost any playwright tries to introduce new perspectives and viewpoints, the question is what are they)? What are the social and political movements going on in France during this time? I know that you've thought through a lot of this, but you need to work it into a clearer outline of what you're trying to do for the presentation.

In addition, I'm looking to see evidence that you have thought through how your presentation will proceed. Who will be talking about what? What information will you talk through first (will you give general info about the time period or launch right into Diderot, for instance)?

Please think through these questions as soon as possible and post a new entry. If you do this, I will add five points to your grade for this assignment.

Please e-mail me when you post this new entry, and also feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


Grade: 75%

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